Waking up to spirituality without religion

“The aims of spirituality are not exactly those of science, but neither are they unscientific”.

With Waking Up, Sam Harris achieves something that has been needed for a long time in our modern society: to combine a secular spirituality with the reason of science. Of course, there have been spiritual scientists before, like Carl Sagan or Albert Einstein among others, but they often tended to be mystical in their approach and delivery, which is something Harris succeeded in, if I may, demystifying… Maybe it is due to his dual formation of philosopher and scientist, renewing with the lost tradition of the likes of Descartes and Lucretius, in times where one usually always was both – of course there was less science to grasp then, so the task was easier…

For Harris, it all started with MDMA… Another success of this great book, is how this prominent intellectual speaks openly about drugs and their powerful role in opening people’s minds. “The “war on drugs” has been lost and should never have been waged”.

It is of crucial importance that our society understands that by being spiritual – in a non religious way – they can improve not only their own life but those of other sentient beings, including, of course, the non human animals, and also improve the condition of our environment. It is a subject Sam Harris doesn‘t go too much into details, but, if I may, I would like to add that the logical consequence of spirituality is compassion, and one of the biggest compassionate impact we can have on the world is to boycott animal products, because by doing so we spare countless lives lived in suffering, we save gallons of water and trees, etc, etc, the benefits are too long to list here but worth looking in to.

I really hope this marvelous book helps people enter into a better world, for everybody’s sake.
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