Black & Red session

Jola Cora by Erik Berry

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News in my diary

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On Ayahuasca

Where I share a few details on my Ayahuasca experience:

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At the Humilious premiere

The premiere of the filmed version of Humilous, performed live last year in April on the steps of City Hall, took place on March 30 at the Downtown Independent, Los Angeles.

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Humilious premiere!

This March 30, 2017 at 8pm at the Downtown Idependent will be the premiere of Humilious, the amazing play I performed in last year on the steps of City Hall as the Black Hole Queen.


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The Color of Truth

First day of playing Amanda in a movie I was cast in almost a year ago already. Felt really good. We have a great writer/director and wonderful actors and a very nice crew.



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En un millon de años

I had such a wonderful experience playing in a music video last weekend directed by Ernesto Lechner.


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Fall photo shoot in Warsaw

taken by Magdalena Baczynska last September in Warsaw, Poland

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Old Vienna

It was such a pleasure and kind of a dream come true (to be dancing on film) to be part of the music video Old Vienna by the band Diego’s Umbrella, directed by Raymond Cinemato and choreographed by San Francisco Opera’s Jekyns Pelaez. I play an Austrian woman in 1945 Vienna.


At rehearsals, the day before the shoot:


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