Siren Call at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Siren Call is a short play version of a feature film script I started writing years ago. I am now producing a stage version of it for the Hollywood Fringe Festival as a showcase for a full version and a feature film.


“The siren call is driving me to my end, like a ship to wreck on rocks”.


Two frustrated actors accidentally kidnap their favorite movie star… or is it really her? What is identity in a world where myths are stronger than we dare think?


We open June 7

Full schedule:

Hollywood Fringe

Tickets go on sale May 1

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“Le Film” and children’s book

Here’s my latest role:

Working on my children’s book:

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Contribute to my novel “Domaine”

See if you want to support my work on a novel about the power of freedom and compassion:


I just received a contribution by Luke Nysen and am deeply grateful and thankful to him.


I have received three new contributions! My deep thanks and gratitude go to an anonymous contributor, to Justin Valis and to Kathy Schramm.

It is amazing and beautiful to see that people support my art, it gives me all the more strength and inspiration to make it great and valuable.

Off to write now.

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I am trying to put everything on hold – everything meaning my activism (which is not really possible, as I am working on three projects already…), my filmmaking, my screenwriting and my acting – so I can write Domaine, the novel I began back in 2010. I am very inspired by Emily Brontë again.

I am planing to take a trip across England very soon, if money allows it, since my novel takes places in England and Switzerland (that I already know quite well, having cycled along the lake Leman several times on beautiful hot Summers).

Emily Bronte

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Looking at the sky

As I lay in the back yard listening to a lecture on Camus, I look at the thin clouds on the bright shiny blue L.A. sky and I see two colors on the clouds, pink and green… First I think it is a rainbow, but there is no rain… Then I think it is an optical illusion and I look at other parts of the sky and clouds, but I don’t see the colors there… So I go back to the colors and they’re still there. And I begin to think of the Universe and how we are all connected, and I think of my heartbreaks I’m dealing with now and it makes me think of my new screenplay I am working on right now, “We are Stardust” and I finally come up with how my story should be developed and right at that moment, the color pink and green go away and there is only blue and white…


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My Los Angeles life

These days I write mostly on my L.A. Woman blog:

posting pictures telling about my adventures.

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Vegephobia is Speciesism

After giving two lectures on vegephobia I realized that although some people react to the introduction of this word as if it had revealed them what that always tried to express but didn’t know how and were truly thankful for it, a small but significant amount of people seems to not understand the concept and why would we make such a fuss about something they find so unimportant that they’d rather hide it… For them, but especially for the animals exploited and killed, I wrote an article – soon to be published – explaining how hiding vegephobia and denying it worsens the problem.

I will prepare a new lecture on vegephobia, based on this article and I hope it will clear any doubts…

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“Noc” in pre-production

I am almost done with the screenplay for my next feature film, “Noc” (The Night).

We are raising money for the film. Check out our page at Indiegogo:

You can become our producer.


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Magazyn Vege

You can read my article on Los Angeles in the latest issue of Vege.

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I am working on my new screenplay, Noc (The Night) and am reading some Jung and some Joseph Campbell.

“the more consciousness gains in clarity, the more monarchic becomes its content…the king constantly needs the renewal that begins with a descent into his own darkness”.

C. G. Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis (London 1963) p. 334

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