Hello from New York

A quick hello from Central Park with a link to a video I took part in and my interview for Backstage:

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Zombie movie

This is what happened to me yesterday on a movie set… More info soon.


In the trailer there was also this:


This is the final result but without the blood and all the mess they put on me right before shooting my scene with Alfie Allen (known for Game of Thrones):


And a short video during the process, here:


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Filming “Live Laugh Love”


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Live Laugh Love

I am very excited to be shooting my first american movie as a director this weekend.

Check out the publicity stills Michelle Morgan took for us today:


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“Wonder Women”

If you are in Hollywood, come see me play in the comedy “Wonder Women”:


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On a recent trip to Peru, my friends and I were given a blessing by an amazonian shaman – he told us that from now on everything will be alright in our life, including our career and love life.

Right after the trip, the first audition I got was for a play about super women and I landed the part of a super woman called Amazon…

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