Siren Call at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Siren Call is a short play version of a feature film script I started writing years ago. I am now producing a stage version of it for the Hollywood Fringe Festival as a showcase for a full version and a feature film.


“The siren call is driving me to my end, like a ship to wreck on rocks”.


Two frustrated actors accidentally kidnap their favorite movie star… or is it really her? What is identity in a world where myths are stronger than we dare think?


We open June 7

Full schedule:

Hollywood Fringe

Tickets go on sale May 1

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En un millon de años

I had such a wonderful experience playing in a music video last weekend directed by Ernesto Lechner.


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Old Vienna

It was such a pleasure and kind of a dream come true (to be dancing on film) to be part of the music video Old Vienna by the band Diego’s Umbrella, directed by Raymond Cinemato and choreographed by San Francisco Opera’s Jekyns Pelaez. I play an Austrian woman in 1945 Vienna.


At rehearsals, the day before the shoot:


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The House by the Swamp – photos from the stage production

Photos from the stage production of “The House by the Swamp”, directed by Jola Cora, starring Jola Cora, Peter Altschuler, Dianne Zankich, Jake Waxman, Keelan Ellis and Matthew Leddy
Original paintings by Sylwia Ewa Paszko
Taken by Michelle Morgan

IMG_9831 IMG_9836 IMG_9841 IMG_9843 IMG_9846 IMG_9848 IMG_9850 IMG_9854 IMG_9855 IMG_9856 IMG_9859 IMG_9861 IMG_9864 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9871 IMG_9872 IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9877 IMG_9878 IMG_9885 IMG_9886 IMG_9889

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“Lafayette” Day 5

Today, I am not needed on set, so I went on a bike ride. I feel so grateful to be able to be here and explore beautiful Oregon, hang out with deer, hummingbirds and other wild creatures and stay in this beautiful house where we’re filming.

Bike riding, especially in the countryside and on hilly landscape, gives me the best feeling, it’s hard uphill and what a reward downhill, my body feels rejuvenated and my skin inhales the sun and the flowers. So lucky, so grateful.


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“Lafayette” Day 4

Today, we spent the day at the lake, it was nice to be out and I was already thinking how I am going to miss this wonderful cast&crew.

Today, I only did some voice acting.

IMG_3742 IMG_3729

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“Lafayette” Day 3

Sometimes, in order to act, you have to hide…


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“Lafayette” Day 2

We had to reshoot my first scene, because of technical problems.

I think it went even better.


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“Lafayette” Day 1

On the set of “Lafayette/My Family” (working title), my first american feature where I play a crucial role. And it is filmed on location, in beautiful Oregon.

IMG_3253.JPG IMG_3248.JPG IMG_3240.JPG IMG_3239.JPG IMG_3234.JPG IMG_3230.JPG

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“Le Film” and children’s book

Here’s my latest role:

Working on my children’s book:

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