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“Lafayette” Day 9

On day 8, our make-up artist arrived from Australia. I am so happy we have her, because she is only using cruelty free products!

Here is her page:


Day 9 was very intense, since I was playing the Witch with full make up. It was very easy to get into character with an insane make up like that. I knew I would enjoy this but I have to say it was even more enjoyable than I expected. I cannot post any pictures from me in Witch make up, you’ll have to go see the movie to discover it…

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“Lafayette” Day 8

Day 6 and 7 I recorded some sound for the movie and on day 8 we spent a couple of hours in beautiful Ashland, where I filmed that:

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“Lafayette” Day 5

Today, I am not needed on set, so I went on a bike ride. I feel so grateful to be able to be here and explore beautiful Oregon, hang out with deer, hummingbirds and other wild creatures and stay in this beautiful house where we’re filming.

Bike riding, especially in the countryside and on hilly landscape, gives me the best feeling, it’s hard uphill and what a reward downhill, my body feels rejuvenated and my skin inhales the sun and the flowers. So lucky, so grateful.


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“Lafayette” Day 4

Today, we spent the day at the lake, it was nice to be out and I was already thinking how I am going to miss this wonderful cast&crew.

Today, I only did some voice acting.

IMG_3742 IMG_3729

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“Lafayette” Day 3

Sometimes, in order to act, you have to hide…


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“Lafayette” Day 2

We had to reshoot my first scene, because of technical problems.

I think it went even better.


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