Je suis Charlie

Disbelief, confusion, extreme sadness, despair, is some of the emotions I felt when I heard about the Charlie Hebdo murders today.

Those people where not only journalists, they were artists, they were culture, they were this part of our world that not only helps us understand it but also bear with it. They were bringing a touch of pleasure to people’s lives, they were bringing them laughs, they were fighting for a free world where nothing was strong enough to frighten them. Why would artists have to be afraid of anything?

If the murderers are caught, I do not wish them above all things to be “prosecuted” and “punished” as we could hear throughout the day from different people (the president among others), what is punishment anyway? I do hope they can be interrogated, I do hope they can be understood, the root of the problem has to be found. I would really love to know what is going on in their heads. “God is great”? “We have avenged the prophet”? They were acting in full control, prepared, they must have planned this for a while, because of what? Because of a hierarchical world where some values are sacred, more sacred than others? Values? A culture of values against a nihilist culture where nothing is sacred anymore? Which is which?

Who is guilty here? Young people lost in their lives? Products of a former colonialist country? Products of a religion? Or is the religion a mean for them to canalize their inner demon?

Maybe they were acting for a world of “values”. I do not know. All I know is that those murderers forgot about the most important of values: life. That is the fundamental right of every sentient being to bodily integrity. Nothing is more sacred than that.


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