The grandeur of man

It amazes me to think that humankind has accomplished so many mind-blowing achievements – moving from Africa, houses, bridges, temples, discoveries etc – while each man/woman who has been involved it them had their own life story with its own problems, insecurities, heart breaks, self-judgment and all kinds of feelings…

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Looking at the sky

As I lay in the back yard listening to a lecture on Camus, I look at the thin clouds on the bright shiny blue L.A. sky and I see two colors on the clouds, pink and green… First I think it is a rainbow, but there is no rain… Then I think it is an optical illusion and I look at other parts of the sky and clouds, but I don’t see the colors there… So I go back to the colors and they’re still there. And I begin to think of the Universe and how we are all connected, and I think of my heartbreaks I’m dealing with now and it makes me think of my new screenplay I am working on right now, “We are Stardust” and I finally come up with how my story should be developed and right at that moment, the color pink and green go away and there is only blue and white…


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