View from the deck

I finished my play La Maison du Marais a few days ago. I’ve been writing it since 2007… It grew and grew in my mind during all these years. Wonderful feeling of ecstasy when a new Ĺ“uvre comes to life.

I am now turning La Maison du Marais into a screenplay, in Polish.

Then I will be taping my manuscript of White Trash, my fourth novel which is still in handwriting only.

I am mentally working on a new screenplay, Scream of the moon (working title).

I still have works in writing: Le Charlatan, Stiff, Domaine…

I’ve been thinking a lot about Domaine these days.

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Shelter from the beasts!

Hearing that Henry David Thoreau thought that a house should be a shelter from the rain and the animals made me think that today we do not lock the door against wild animals but against man…

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