Dirt is what we call all that is unclean. What we think is disgusting, sticky, soiled, dusty. But what is really dirt? Actually, dirt does not exist.

Think about it: dirt is technically everything that is misplaced, everything that appears where it should not appear, where we don’t want it to appear. There is no dirt in the natural environment. There is no dirt (except for anthropogenic cases) in the animal world.

Dust is just particles from various natural sources that appear only in unnatural places such as homes, factories and so on.

Soil is just earth that has travelled from its natural place to a fabricated place such as clothes and so on.

Soot is carbon particles that appears in the atmosphere because humans have taken it out of its original place.

Imagine a house in a forest. When you walk inside and outside back and forth, you might begin to find dirt inside the house, because you brought some earth with your shoes. Outside of the house, you would never call the same earth dirty; cos it’s in its natural place.

Dirt is only something that does not belong where you find it. In other words: dirt is disorder.

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