The end and the rest

Finished writing Z Powodu Fobii, my latest screenplay, my first completed piece of work since the play Caroline in 2006. Quite a while… What a great feeling! It’s the first screenplay I wrote as a professionally formatted screenplay and my first piece of work originally in Polish language. Learned a lot. Thanks to my friends S.R.,B.K. and M.S. who helped me on this with their support, by offering me a certain book and by giving me some valuable ideas. I owe you a lot.

Recently I also finished reading the screenplay Black Swan by Mark Heyman; a neatly constructed great piece of work, which made me think that, of course, you cannot fight yourself, neither your good nor your bad side, otherwise you will end up killing yourself… Can’t wait to see the Darren Aronofsky film with Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder.

As soon as I ended Z Powodu Fobii, I began to work on an old play, The Words of the Stiff, and am turning it into a screenplay, Stiff, in English; of course formatted as a professional screenplay should be. That’s my second skin already, I am now thinking in formatted screenplay language.

The fresh air of the paradisaical countryside is doing me good, as always. Long time since I’ve been so prolific. Time for art, work but also contemplation and relationship.

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