Love thee like you love the others

Destructive impulses can be hidden in many different ways. In eating habits (or exceptions), in the way you drive your bike, the way you cross the street and in those strange visions of jumping out the window or into the river – not wanting to die from it but just for the sake of doing it, of the action involved in it.

I have spent a most interpelling week since last Tuesday, with feelings of sadness, destruction, betrayal, accident, remembrance and death. Spiced with tears.

Those good old visions of destructive behaviour for the sake of it where particularly present. As I said, they are not consciously meant to hurt myself but to defy the laws of physics (and biology) and or to actually experience them.

But those laws do exist. And they are the reason why I do not accept to hurt and use other beings.

So why do I accept to potentially hurt my own self?

Hurting one’s own self one is automatically hurting everyone else. Because we are all connected and all in the same biosphere. One cannot be good to others unless one is good to oneself.

So, for the same reason I care about other beings, I have to care about myself. For if I don’t, I do not care about the others. It would be a lie, a pose, fake.

As I finally understood that, all my troubles were gone. Treat yourself as you treat the others.

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