Chloe the afreet

Chloe in Domaine is a wild little girl, runing for her needs and laughing at all people.

In the Enneagram test she is a Seven.

When someone criticizes her, she bursts into smiles.

When her friend I. is lost, she giggles with tears.

Afraid of nothing, dancing with red boots.

She hunts the memory left forever.


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The image giving out

Checking up on how my writing is going.

Working on my new screenplay now, the story of a phobia… “Z Powodu Fobii”.

Haven’t finished anything since Caroline, if I remember well…

La Maison du Marais and Le Charlatan et La Libellule are on pause. So is Domaine, a new novel coming up.

Screenplay writing has been the most rigorous work I have ever done, very compelling, exciting and fulfilling.

Can’t wait to get back to novel writing though; such freedom…

Writing is also constantly thinking and thinking and seeing. The wonderful world of the image giving out.

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