Book premiere of The House by the Swamp

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On the set of “The Orchid and the Maiden”

Jola Cora on the set of “The Orchid and the Maiden”

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Harmonic Light session

Jola Cora by Reid Godshaw for Harmonic Light  ( )

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Collapsolophobia: the fear of the destruction of Planet Earth, or more precisely of human life as we know it on Earth due to the human made climate crisis, pollution and overall exploitation of it.

Example: Michael is a collapsolophobe, he only started caring about the environment once he understood climate change is real.

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The Carribean Sea

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Encore for Siren Call!

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“Siren Call” Closing Night Tonight!

The Siren will Call you tonight for our Closing Night 🎭🌸🍾💗

Get tickets here

And we are almost sold out!

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“Siren Call” reviews

My play “Siren Call” has been such a joy to work on and I am beyond grateful and amazed by the wonderful reviews:

“ENTERTAINING. Witty, referential, sexy, and scary”

“Cora is quite a savant thinker as well as a natural playwright, and in “Siren Call,” this is in full display!”

“The story was very engaging and had me in deep thought throughout from beginning to end while also making me laugh.”

“A thought provoking performance. One that had me riveted. The play was beautifully acted by all performers.”

“Each character’s flawed nature was both intense and humorous at times, and effectively took us on a journey of “HaHaHa”, “Wow”, and “No Way!””

“I haven’t stopped thinking about the images I saw and the issues the play explored!”

“How come a familiar story is so well told and is atmospheric, mysterious, funny, sexy, and symbolic at the same time? A dense and seductive short play about our dreams, illusions, failures, obsessions, and so much more!”

“Fascinating black-mirror ish look at Hollywood and the desire for success.”

“Packs a punch of emotion for the length of time the show is.”

“It really hit home if you are living and attempting to pay the bills as an artist.”

“A mysterious, poetic and thought-provoking piece with themes that will permeate and connect with many in the audience. Well-acted and performed the cast creates a world and a dialect unique to the wonderful script and world created by Jola Cora. It is a play that will leave you thinking long after you have left the theater.”

“Siren Call is an intriguing piece that I did not want to end. Sprinkled with unexpected humor and mystery. From the start the fine score sets the tone.”

“It’s a contained blast of a show that’s both funny and truly mesmerizing.”

“The play is mysterious psychological thriller that is an interesting chess match of wits and bad choices.”

“An enjoyable cautionary tale with some very clever points to make about ambition and reality in modern Hollywood.”

An eerie tale that interlaces the ideas of the unity of the universe that keeps you on your toes the whole time.

Read more here:

Siren Call reviews

Closing night this Friday at 8:30pm at The Blank Theatre.

Get your tickets here for we might sell out again. We had to turn people away at the door last time! Arrive 15mins early please 🎭🌸

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DJ Ass Maggots’s wonderful review of “Siren Call”


I’m here live at the Fringe Festival in Hollywood. Just saw the 30-minute play ‘Siren Call’ by Jola Cora.

So, this dysfunctional romantic couple breaks into the home of a famous celebrity and takes her hostage. I won’t spoil it for you, but I can say that this quick play is ENTERTAINING. Witty, referential, sexy, and scary, this minimalist three-person critique of the idea of celebrity challenges our incessant worship of movie stars. (Don’t act like you don’t have a favorite!)

As an audience, we hung on every line, like a sit-com. And the actors were so close we could touch them. In fact, I feel like I might have been an accomplice to a crime.

And they have an after party right after the show! I’m still recovering…

The Swiss-Italian-Polish playwright-actor-director-filmmaker-Renaissance woman Jola Cora (or Jla Cra, as she is known by her squad) has honed her skills from previous cerebral works now down to the plebes like us, so that we may also enjoy, with quick jokes and edgy plot twists, while the erudite intelligentsia can still debate Sharon Tate, Sisyphus, and post-modern socio-economonic constructs.

“We used to worship the stars in the sky, now we worship the stars on the sidewalk.”

–DJ Ass Maggots, Hollywood Iconoclast and Pervert of the Arts

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Siren Call’s Preview is sold out!

I am so honoured and grateful to announce that our preview is sold out!

We still have tickets starting on June 13th, get yours before they’re gone ♡

Siren Call by Jola Cora debuts at The Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Click here for more info and tickets


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