The House by the Swamp art

Sylwia Ewa Paszko for Jola Cora’s fairy tales and plays

Feel free to contact me if you want to purchase any of the art.

Jola Cora & Sylwia Ewa Paszko

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Art for books and plays

Sylwia Ewa Paszko &
Jola Cora

Paintings and drawings for plays and fairy tales

Original Illustrations

When Jola Cora was getting ready to produce her fairy tale The House by the Swamp as a stage play for the Hollywood Fringe in 2015, she wanted to use a screen projecting the set design between scenes and during certain scenes and she knew the perfect person who would be able to capture the fairy tale atmosphere she wanted to convey was Sylwia Ewa Paszko.

Sylwia and Jola had known each other for seven years then and Jola had even posed for her a few times, including for Sylwia’s famous painting Wieczerza (2011, 58×82), which had won the second prize in Zadra’s IV contest in Warsaw, Poland.

Their collaboration consisted of Jola describing to Sylwia what the scene and the atmosphere were and Sylwia doing a sketch that Jola would approve or modify. Jola was always amazed by the final result and by Sylwia’s wonderful imagination and skills.

Jola also knew that one day, she would want Sylwia to paint all the characters of the story but in the meantime, Sylwia painted the house, the forest, the swamp, the laboratory, the lake, and the winter for the stage production.

In the next few months, Sylwia painted all the characters, more scenes and drew some scenes too. All her works for The House by the Swamp are now included in the printed book.

In 2019, Jola produced a new play, Siren Call, which sold out and won the Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe, and Sylwia drew the poster, now on the cover of the printed play.

In 2022, Jola wrote her latest fairy tale, Ataraxia, and Sylwia drew the main character, Opaline, for the cover.

In December 2022, Sylwia and Jola are opening their first exhibit together with all the paintings and drawings commissioned by Jola to Sylwia, at the Hellada Gallery in Long Beach, California.

Immerse yourself in the magic and eat a piernik, come meet Jola Cora and Sylwia Ewa Paszko on December 3, 2022, 5pm at 117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Watch a video about their collaboration:

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Night Beauty at festival

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New role, new play

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England is an enchanted garden

I’ve been in England for exactly two weeks now, I was always meant to end up here.

London, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire.

I started writing ‘Animals at night’.

I am reading Brideshead Revisited, the Cambridge book on Sylvia Plath and other books.

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England field trip

I am planning my trip to research Yorkshire for my novel Domaine and I have enrolled in summer school at Oxford in creative writing ✍️

I am incredibly excited and grateful.

I am planning to visit Sherwood forest.

This was me exactly four years ago today at Seven Sisters, which inspired me to write a scene in Domaine that happens on those magnificent cliffs.

Edit: I just bought a ticket to see Byron’s house!!

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Ataraxia is out!

Ataraxia by Jola Cora is out!

May 1st is International Workers’ Day so it’s the perfect month to read a fairy tale about a Princess who wanted to include exploited non human animals into the working class.


If you snatch it now you’ll get a collector’s item because I am changing the cover from matte to glossy.

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I have started work on my adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is a piece that has a special place in my heart; like me, it was born in Geneva, on the same side of the lake, and was inspired by a night spent with one of my favourite poets, Byron.

I shall collect here all the material that I am working on and shall edit this post with new pictures.


Last weekend, April 1, I came up with the arc of the story and the opening choreography.

I am first writing it as a stage play. I may later adapt it into a feature film but my plan now is to produce the play later this year, probably in autumn 🍂.

Watching a piece on Frankenstein in my beloved Arte show Invitation au voyage (April 9):

“La fusion entre le monstrueux et le sublime.”

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Ataraxia by Jola Cora

Cover reveal

Illustrated by Sylwia Ewa Paszko

A fairy tale

Princess Opaline must marry Prince Botikin. But the Witch informs Opaline that the Prince was changed into the Pig who will be served at their wedding. There is only one way to save him: find the magical wand called Ataraxia.

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Night Beauty wins prize

My short film Night Beauty just won this laurel:

This is the first film prize I ever received. If you don’t count the Short Film Corner in Cannes 2016 for Live Laugh Love, which also had a laurel, so I guess it counts as a prize?

I have previously won an award for theatre but never yet for film!

Thank you to the Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills!

We ended up winning!

And we just won another laurel! (April 15)

And another! (April 16)

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